NAUSHERITES – the last writes of nausher nash banaji

The black + white poetry and skin + stone photography by Nausher Nash Banaji. All words and pictures copyright © Nausher Nash Banaji.

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I seek you in a renaissance painting
Unblemished by age, resplendent and serene
When the world was yours for the taking
My whore, my courtesan, my poet, my queen
In the end it is all just a speck in my eye
I just want to take a moment to say goodbye
I know I made a mistake coming here again
Can I remind myself of what, where and when
In a dream and a prophecy, barely a trace of that place in me
I look in the mirror and all I see, the ebb and flow of memory – NausherNash

Author: nash nausher banaji

nausher nash banaji #BlackAndWhitePhotographer #InspiredBySkinAndStone #PixelPoet #ChiaroscuroArtist #TravelerWithCamera #LoverOfTheRenaissance COPYRIGHT NOTICE The words and artwork on these Wordpress pages can't be used or reproduced or copied without written consent from Nausher Banaji. Photos Copyright © Nausher Banaji ALL RIGHTS RETAINED BY NAUSHER NASH BANAJI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WORLDWIDE. NOT TO BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. POETRY © Nausher Banaji

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