I woke up this morning and I had the blues
I saw the Nantes cathedral in the news
I watched arson fires burning on live feeds
My friends said why are you sharing these
This isn’t something we want to see
Show us someone taking the knee
Show us something that will make us feel guilty
I said what are you talking about
This is something we should cry and shout
I said this is our beauty and our heritage
This is something worthy of our rage
They said, don’t bother with the shares
Nobody cares darling, nobody cares
Don’t you get it, they are tearing it all down
Everything I love is being burnt to the ground
What can you do about it, they said shrugging
Wasn’t it just another old building or something
i guess nobody cares, I said, and you are right in what you say
But why the fuck did this have to happen on my birthday
Goodbye, darlings, it’s been nice
I hope I find my paradise
Hope my wishes do come true

Hope my new year brings something new –

Nausher Nash Banaji Duo


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