You preach love but you justify hate
Feelings are facts and words are bait
Flagellate yourself with guilt and demand reparations
You are the saviour you say of desperate nations
You talk about one world but are blind to all others
There is comfort among sheep when others are ogres
You say it is a debate but you argue with labels
Best blur the lines between facts and fables
You see truths as opinions, and opinions as slurs
You are falling over like lemmings to out-woke your brothers
You choose Barabbas to go free and burn Joan at the stake
You stone the Semites as they kneel and call history a fake
Your kindness is your shield, being offended is your sword
Tell me who died and anointed you god
All the simple truths are false and all the complex ones are unusable.
When everyone is saving the world you are disposable
– Nausher Nash Banaji Duo

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