NAUSHERITES – the last writes of nausher nash banaji

The black + white poetry and skin + stone photography by Nausher Nash Banaji. All words and pictures copyright © Nausher Nash Banaji.

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I see you like this

naked on the veranda of an Italian villa

looking down at a throbbing mob of lovers

a cigarette in one hand, regret in the other

watching their yearning with your cold dark eyes

watching them burning, hearing their sighs

you see the swell of the surging crowd

you hear them chant your name aloud

enchantment in one hand, in the other hand a shroud

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You ask me if I’m religious and this is what I say
I kneel to the naked and to beauty I pray

I can see the winding vines of history

Splattered with blood and blame

And every decision that was made

Had vanity in its name




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When I look at you I see sand whispering in the hourglass
I see the colour in your eyes change as the hours pass
Beauty – at least there was a time it knew me
Changing turning I could never find the key
Now I’m looking up at the noonday sun, you are looking down at dawn
You will still be beautiful, darling, long after I’m gone – Nausher Nash Banaji Duo

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Don’t flatter yourself darling, it’s not to be

Don’t go confusing youth for beauty

Dont mistake the tautness of skin with the angles of bone

When you face the mirror you stand alone

Everything is not equal, and everyone is not the same

I know everything there is to know about the blame game

Time changes everything in a film running backwards

You keep moving your goalposts and shifting your standards

The beginning is the end but not everything ends well

You will find hell in heaven and heaven in hell

They may mock you and jeer and you might scoff

You have reached the edge of earth my darling

And are in danger of falling off