NAUSHERITES – the last writes of nausher nash banaji

The black + white poetry and skin + stone photography by Nausher Nash Banaji. All words and pictures copyright © Nausher Nash Banaji.

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Don’t flatter yourself darling, it’s not to be

Don’t go confusing youth for beauty

Dont mistake the tautness of skin with the angles of bone

When you face the mirror you stand alone

Everything is not equal, and everyone is not the same

I know everything there is to know about the blame game

Time changes everything in a film running backwards

You keep moving your goalposts and shifting your standards

The beginning is the end but not everything ends well

You will find hell in heaven and heaven in hell

They may mock you and jeer and you might scoff

You have reached the edge of earth my darling

And are in danger of falling off

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our painted armies are soaked with youth and defiance

our naked bodies are cloaked with truth and silence

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I’ve been standing watching the light fading
the day passing and the night returning
Standing, watching the mirrors
Losing beauty, watching my life turning
Burning, watching my past erasing
Unbeing, unseeing what i’m seeing
Even as the mirrors are breaking – Nausher Nash Banaji Duo

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I’m walking down my night mind

Searching for what is mine

Looking into my rearview mirror

What am I searching for

I have been running down passages

But all I see is the empty spaces

Did I see a shadow stir

I’m still waiting for an answer

Through the sandglass and into the sea

I’m waiting for the waves to bring myself back to me

Nausher Nash Banaji Duo

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Why this, why that, and why
Turn a blind eye, and say goodbye
in your dreams you can hear your laughter

You can hear your screams the morning after

Why this, why that, and why
Look up at the sky and wait for the lie
You loose your way walking down the track

Nothing to say, ricochet those dead years back

Why this, why that, and why
You wish you could fly, a pie in the sky
Counting your chances, a thousand to one,
Hand on your heart, eyes on the eclipsed sun